This Week and 18 Miler Report

This has been quite a crazy week and the next couple weeks are going to get even crazier!  Besides trying to get ready for the holidays, increasing my mileage, and work, my husband and I have to be moved out of our townhouse by the end of this month.  We have lots to do in preparation but we'll get it done. 

On a bright note, training this week has been a success!  I ran a total of 41.3 miles this week and I think this is one of the first time's I've broken the 40 mile mark.  They were all good runs for me too.  I had a tempo and a race pace run and a couple short ones. 

Can you believe I went to bed at 8:00 p.m. last night?  Yep, I was tired!  This morning I got up bright and early for my 18 miler in Fairhope.  I met up a running group at the Fairhope Pier along the bay.  I have to say that this was one of the most beautiful runs I've ever done.  I ran along the beautiful bay as the sun rose, along the golf course and through pretty country.  This is a photo of the pier (I did not take this pic). 

Gloria and I started off the first 3 miles with the guys and they were going way too fast.  After that we slowed down a bit and she finished off 11.5 miles with me.  She showed me a beautiful course that I'll definitely do again.  Then I was on my own to finish 6.5 miles.  I kicked it up a little and when I only had 6 left I started getting excited.  I was feeling great!  Then when was at mile 16 I was ready to be finished.  I was getting achy and my back was hurting.  Why was my back sore?  Maybe I wasn't running with good posture.  I felt like Dory from Finding Nemo, "Just keep swimming...".  At this point, I was counting down the quarter miles left.  I finally finished and I finished strong!  Overall my pace was 9:15 min/mile which is so close to my marathon pace.  It was a really great run!

When I got home I took a 10 minute ice bath.  Is it worth it?  Do you take ice baths?  It is torturous and I despise them!  I ate a big bowl of cereal and am on my way to take a nap.  I'm ready for a lazy Sunday now!  I hope you have a relaxing Sunday with the ones you love.  45 Days until the Disney Marathon!
Leah B.


  1. Looks beautiful! Hate ice baths, but they are worth it. Jealous of that 8:00 bed time!

  2. Great run! Your marathon will be good. I don't take ice baths and will never do it.

  3. Great run! Can't believe your mararthon is so close. Time is really flying!

  4. I love ice baths. They are torture. But.... when I do them, I know that I just did a run over 10 miles.

    Thats my "ice bath" distance. 10 and over gets me a nice cool bath as a reward. Go figure!

    Good luck in your marathon.