Columbus 10K!

June 12 was my 24th birthday!  To celebrate Jerry and I ran the Columbus 10K!  The weather couldn't have been any better.  It was about 70 degrees and it was overcast for part of the race.  I was so hyped up and excited for this race.  Not to mention I just love my birthday and I love running so it was the perfect day for me! 

This is right before the start.

The start was at COSI which is a kids science museum so for the start they blew up a big balloon until it popped.  And...we're off!  During the first part of the race I was talking to a girl about the course because she told me she had run this race 4 times.  She said the hill at the beginning was the only one and it was down hill for the last two miles.  Let me tell you, she lied!  There were lots of hills and I felt every bit of them because I was pushing my pace.  The course was absolutely beautiful!  Downtown Columbus is really pretty and a lot of it was in the shade.  We finished off the last couple miles on the bike trail.

My goal for this race was to keep about an 8:00-8:15 min/mile and I ended up doing better than I thought!  I ended up re-evaluating my goal when I felt comfortable running less than 8:00 min/mile.  I ended up keeping an average 7:43 min/mile and finishing in 47:53.  Definitely a PR for me! 

After I finished, I grabbed my camera and waited on my hubby.  This was Jerry's first race and I'm so proud of him!  He trained hard and did even better than he thought he would.  Here he is coming up on the finish.

...and there he goes finishing in 1:06!  He said he felt great the whole time and loved the race.

Here's some pics from after the finish.

They served pancakes after the race so Jerry and I grabbed some and sat down during awards.  They were calling the women's 20-24 age group, and surprise!  In 4th place came my name.  Whoa, I wasn't expecting that!  I got a water bottle and a glass that said, "age group hero".  It was a great surprise!

It was the best birthday!  I'm really excited about doing more 5 and 10K races this summer and seeing what I can do with some shorter races.  What are your upcoming races?  I hope you all are enjoying your summer!

Leah B.


Where is Spring?

Where is spring and when am I going to get used to this Ohio weather?  43 degrees in May is ridiculous!  I hope you are having better weather than me! All I see is clouds, rain, and cold.  I begged God for fall weather when I was living in south Alabama.  I couldn't wait for the weather to cool off and now I wonderer why I would ever want that!  Give me 95 degrees back.

Today, I convinced Jerry to run a new loop with me that I discovered the other day. I really didn't think it was as long as it actually was but Jerry was a trouper!  He finished 3.5 miles and I'm so proud!  I ran one more mile by myself.  It felt so good to let loose and push my pace!  Jerry's goal is to do the Air Force Half in September and I know he'll do great.

Yesterday I was shopping at Kohl's and found us new running outfits.  I bought my hubby some Nike running shorts and a shirt. 

And, I bought myself this outfit.  Isn't it cute?  It's called Tek Gear.  The top was $13 and the bottoms $11.  I love my Nike and Under Armor but I also love a good sale!  

Happy Running!
Leah B.



As I mentioned in my last couple posts, I moved to a lovely new city.  We've been in our new apartment for 6 days now and are loving it!  I can't wait to have all my pictures and decorations up on the walls.  I'll post when I do!  :)  One of my favorite things about living and visiting new places is being able to explore a new city by finding new running routes.  I've been told that there are lots of pretty parks but I haven't found them yet.  Today, I ventured out of my neighborhood and followed the bike path.  I found lot of restaurants, shops, a historical park, and the fire department!  I'm not a big ice cream fan because I hate being cold but I thought it sounded good while I was sweating!  It was a really fun run!  I kept it easy and only ran 4.5 miles in 39:59.  I still feel a slight discomfort in my left ankle and I want to be careful.

Tonight I've been slaving in the kitchen making Mexican dinner.  I made guacamole dip and cheesy vegetarian quesadillas.  I love making my own guacamole dip but I'm so messy!  Some how I managed to drop about half of my cilantro on the floor.  I'm just glad I had enough for the dip!  I also seem to always get avocado all over me....on my shirt, hands, all over the whole paper towel roll.  Oh well. 

It turned out to be a great dinner.  We're stuffed!  Now for some wine and more Lost (we're in season 5!). 

Enjoy your Sunday night!
Leah B.


New Brooks & Unplugged

I got new running shoes and they are fantastic!  My very first distance running shoes were Brooks and then I switched over to Asics and had several pairs.  This last running shoe shopping adventure I found these:

Brooks Ravenna 2.  They are awesome.  My feet, ankles, and knees love them!  And I love how they look, especially the bright blue shoe strings! 

I was absolutely thrilled when I got up today and the weather was nice. It is supposed to storm all week but yesterday and today have been wonderful running days. The wind was still strong but the sun was shining. I got out there this afternoon without my iPod for the second day in a row. I don't know why I didn't want it but I just wanted to enjoy the outdoors unplugged. So, I set out today in my Brooks and ran an easy 5.5 miles.
Overall time:  49:37
Overall pace:  9:01
I'm not training for anything right now (although I'd like to soon!) It's so nice to just run and not worry about mileage or pace.  I think this is a hard thing for us runners to do because we are so competitive with ourselves! We can't help it. When is the last time you ran for the simple joy of running?

I hope you are enjoying this spring weather!
Leah B.


Me & Garmin Reunited!

A lot has gone on since I last wrote.  Let me give you a quick update on what's gone on in my life in the last 4 months...
In January I ran the Disney Marathon (YAY, so fun!) and the very next day after getting back from our vacation, my husband and I moved from Alabama to Ohio.  We were living at my grandma's old house (she built a new one and wasn't living in the old one) which was so kind of her but the neighborhood wasn't exactly runner friendly.  Every other house said "Beware of Dog" and there were those certain individuals you wouldn't wouldn't want to stumble upon while running alone.  A couple weeks ago when the weather finally started getting nice, I drove to the park thinking I was going to do some trail running.  I was wrong.  There were about two dozen men in orange jumpsuits doing landscaping with armed cops!  I wasn't in the mood to run through the woods by myself!
In the last couple days, however, we moved into a lovely new apartment in a beautiful and safe part of town.  We've been unpacking boxes and boxes and boxes!  It feels good to go through everything and get organized finally!  I'll post pictures soon :)
So, the good news is that I can finally leave my front door and run around like I used to be able to!  I'm also loving this spring weather.  I made plans with my sweet new friend/neighbor/coworker Andrea to go for a run today.  She's newly into running and I'm hoping that she'll run the Air Force Half with me and Jerry. 
Meet Andrea!

I slept in which was much needed after the big move.  I had my usual two cups of coffee and my new favorite breakfast:  plain oatmeal with fresh cut strawberries.  Yum!  It was starting to rain and the clouds looked dark but we decided to go anyway.  The winds were fierce!  It sprinkled for about half a mile and then the clouds broke and sunshine came through!  The weather ended up being beautiful and a perfect 65 degrees.  Andrea ran the first 2 miles with me and then I finished the last 3 by myself. 
Overall time:  46:31
Overall pace:  9:22
Not too bad for not being able to do much outdoor running in the last four months!  Andrea did great!  She'll have no problem increasing her mileage soon.  This run was honestly blissful for me.  It was so great for me to be back outside with my Garmin!  There are plenty of hills (I secretly love hills) in the neighborhood.  The smells of fresh cut grass and all the flowers were wonderful.  I even ran without my iPod!  I can't wait to get back out there tomorrow!
How are your spring runs going?  Are you doing any spring/summer races?
The next race I'm running in is the Air Force Half with Jerry and then a full marathon in North Carolina in November with my Uncle (I'm not sure the name of it yet).  I'd like to find another half this spring or summer and maybe a 10K.  Do you have any suggestions for the Ohio area?

Leah B.


Living in Dayton

Listen to this!  Oh, I LOVE the Black Keys!

I have now been living in Dayton, Ohio for about a month.  It's been a big change but I'm loving it!  It is so wonderful to be near my family.  I'm finally back home!  The hardest part is being away from my brother who is in school at South Alabama.  The good news is, he is spending his spring break up here and I can't wait to see him!  So, I've been MIA for a while and I apologize.   It's been quite crazy with a new job and city.  I absolutely love exploring new places.  We've been to really neat places and delicious restaurants around here.  I'll have to go into more detail in another post.

I did get a gym membership and I really like it!  They have great treadmills (not that I like running inside) and lots of cross training classes like yoga, spinning, boot camp, zumba, and butts and guts.  I haven't tried them all yet but I'm sure they are great.  I'm dying to get outside and RUN!  It's been insanely cold here.  We finally got some relief this week with some 30-40 degree temperatures.  But sadly, I haven't been outside since my marathon in January.  I'm not sure where there are good places to run around where I live.  I know there are tons of mean looking dogs around my neighborhood and that terrifies me!  Anyway, I have continued to run at the gym and log about 30 miles a week.  I would like to do a half marathon in April or May but I haven't decided on one yet.  I also would like to do another full marathon maybe by June or July.  Do you have any suggestions?  I'm for sure running the Air Force Marathon with my uncle this fall.  I'm super excited!

Well, I'm going to try to find a movie on netflix and wind down for the night.  I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow!!  I promise I'll be back sooner next time!

Good night everyone,
Leah B.



Hey friends,
It's been forever since I've posted I'm almost 2 weeks late on posting about my marathon!  It's been crazy for me!  Since I've last posted, we had our vacation to Disney, moved from south Alabama to Ohio, and I started a new job.  So, as you can see, it's been great but very busy!

My husband, Calee, and I arrived to Disney World the day before the race to pick up our packets and get settled into our hotel.  We grabbed an early pasta dinner and tried our best to get in bed early because of the early start time of 5:30 a.m.  The next morning our alarms went off at 2:45 a.m. because we had to be on the shuttle by 3:30.  My body didn't know what to think about that!  We froze our butts off waiting for them to let us line up in our corrals. 

Me and Calee and me with my #1 fan!

We finally lined up in our corrals and waited.  Every time a corral took off, huge fire works went off.  It was so pretty and you could feel the heat from it!

As we headed out, I was so excited!  I wanted to sprint but of course that's a bad idea.  I kept my pace as close to 9:05 as possible.  We ran through Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios.  It was so amazing running through all the parks, especially Magic Kingdom.  The highlight was probably running through Cinderella's castle.  The only thing I didn't like is how much highway we had to run on. 

The first 5 miles flew by and I was already halfway done in a flash!  I was right on track with my pace but at mile 16 I started loosing my pace.  The course was pretty difficult because of the highways and ramps being slanted.  I had to reevaluate my goal of a sub 4 hours and I was completely fine with that.  I just wanted to finish and a PR would be fantastic!  By mile 22, I was wiped out and so ready to finish.  I felt my feet blistering and my quads burning.  I started counting backwards, "only 4 miles, only 3.5 miles, only 3 miles!"  My garmin was slightly ahead of the miles so as it was beeping 25 miles, I was only at 24.8 and believe me, that makes a difference!  I finally got to Epcot and I could see the big ball (the finish line) ahead of me.  Oh my gosh, I'm almost there!  As I was approaching the finish I heard and saw my husband cheering for me.  That gave me a boost I needed for a little jolt in my legs and I finished strong!  I was so happy and a little emotional.  Not crying, but just overjoyed!!  My garmin read 4:05:28.  Woohoo a PR!  I didn't mind that I didn't beat 4 hours.  That will just give me a goal for my next marathon.

Here's the breakdown...
Distance:  26.2 miles
Garmin distance:  26.37
Net Time:  4:06:35
Garmin time:  4:05:28
Overall Place:  2542 / 13536
Gender Place:  631 / 6273
Division Place:  83 / 629
5M Split:  45:31
10M Split:  1:31:16
Half:  2:00:04
20M Split:  3:05:14
Soon after that, Calee finished!  Yay, congrats for finishing your 1st marathon!!  I am so proud of her.  She did an amazing job!

We got back to our hotel and she took an ice bath and I improvised with ice bags while eating my PB and honey.

We took a long nap and then Jerry, Calee, and I went to Planet Hollywood for a delicious dinner.

The next night we met up with a friend from work, Steve.  This is us with our metals.  We went to dinner and watched the national championship.  We had a great time celebrating!

The next 3 days we spent at the parks but I'll have to share all about that in another post.  I'm also buying my official photos so I'll have those to share too!  I hope you all are staying warm.  It is approximately 0 degrees in Ohio right now!
Leah B.