New Brooks & Unplugged

I got new running shoes and they are fantastic!  My very first distance running shoes were Brooks and then I switched over to Asics and had several pairs.  This last running shoe shopping adventure I found these:

Brooks Ravenna 2.  They are awesome.  My feet, ankles, and knees love them!  And I love how they look, especially the bright blue shoe strings! 

I was absolutely thrilled when I got up today and the weather was nice. It is supposed to storm all week but yesterday and today have been wonderful running days. The wind was still strong but the sun was shining. I got out there this afternoon without my iPod for the second day in a row. I don't know why I didn't want it but I just wanted to enjoy the outdoors unplugged. So, I set out today in my Brooks and ran an easy 5.5 miles.
Overall time:  49:37
Overall pace:  9:01
I'm not training for anything right now (although I'd like to soon!) It's so nice to just run and not worry about mileage or pace.  I think this is a hard thing for us runners to do because we are so competitive with ourselves! We can't help it. When is the last time you ran for the simple joy of running?

I hope you are enjoying this spring weather!
Leah B.


  1. there is nothing like a new pair of running shoes to get me excited to go run for no reason at all!!

  2. your shoes are soooo pretty! love the blue laces, i am gonna keep them in mind to check out since i need new shoes soon!