As I mentioned in my last couple posts, I moved to a lovely new city.  We've been in our new apartment for 6 days now and are loving it!  I can't wait to have all my pictures and decorations up on the walls.  I'll post when I do!  :)  One of my favorite things about living and visiting new places is being able to explore a new city by finding new running routes.  I've been told that there are lots of pretty parks but I haven't found them yet.  Today, I ventured out of my neighborhood and followed the bike path.  I found lot of restaurants, shops, a historical park, and the fire department!  I'm not a big ice cream fan because I hate being cold but I thought it sounded good while I was sweating!  It was a really fun run!  I kept it easy and only ran 4.5 miles in 39:59.  I still feel a slight discomfort in my left ankle and I want to be careful.

Tonight I've been slaving in the kitchen making Mexican dinner.  I made guacamole dip and cheesy vegetarian quesadillas.  I love making my own guacamole dip but I'm so messy!  Some how I managed to drop about half of my cilantro on the floor.  I'm just glad I had enough for the dip!  I also seem to always get avocado all over me....on my shirt, hands, all over the whole paper towel roll.  Oh well. 

It turned out to be a great dinner.  We're stuffed!  Now for some wine and more Lost (we're in season 5!). 

Enjoy your Sunday night!
Leah B.


  1. Glad you are liking your new digs and surroundings. I agree, running is the best way to explore.

    The food looks awesome!

  2. I love finding new running routees. The food looks yummy!