Where is Spring?

Where is spring and when am I going to get used to this Ohio weather?  43 degrees in May is ridiculous!  I hope you are having better weather than me! All I see is clouds, rain, and cold.  I begged God for fall weather when I was living in south Alabama.  I couldn't wait for the weather to cool off and now I wonderer why I would ever want that!  Give me 95 degrees back.

Today, I convinced Jerry to run a new loop with me that I discovered the other day. I really didn't think it was as long as it actually was but Jerry was a trouper!  He finished 3.5 miles and I'm so proud!  I ran one more mile by myself.  It felt so good to let loose and push my pace!  Jerry's goal is to do the Air Force Half in September and I know he'll do great.

Yesterday I was shopping at Kohl's and found us new running outfits.  I bought my hubby some Nike running shorts and a shirt. 

And, I bought myself this outfit.  Isn't it cute?  It's called Tek Gear.  The top was $13 and the bottoms $11.  I love my Nike and Under Armor but I also love a good sale!  

Happy Running!
Leah B.


  1. Love the new outfit! Come visit CA...it's 80 degrees and sunny!

  2. Yeah, grew up there and can't say I miss that weather! Cute outfit.

  3. kohl's is one of my faves!!
    It's been cold here too:(

  4. Love the new outfit! Cool colours :) .