Three Things Thursday

1.  This morning I woke up at 9!  Wow, go me!  I ate my usual oatmeal, drank coffee, and had some water.  I got ready and ran an easy 4 miles with an average 9:18 min/mile pace.  I knew I needed to take it easy because I have 9 miles scheduled for tomorrow.  The weather wasn't too harsh.  It was probably almost 80 degrees but there was a nice breeze.

2.  This afternoon, I went shopping around and wandered into a running shop.  I ended up not buying anything but I did learn about a really cool running group for women.  They meet each week for a 3-5 mile run.  I told the lady who works there that I'd love to try it out so I'm going to meet them tomorrow.  I'm planning on getting about 4 or 5 miles done before they meet and then finish my long run with the group.  She told me that she is training for a marathon in January also and keeps about my same pace so we talked about getting together for some long runs! 

3.  I made what I call "Supreme Spaghetti" tonight.  I chopped broccoli, squash, carrots, red pepper, green pepper, and tomatoes.  Then I steamed the veggies while my whole grain noodles were boiling.  I also heated up a little tomato sauce.  Then I mixed it all together and added garlic powder, salt, and pepper and topped with a little mozzarella cheese.  My husband says it's his second favorite food I've ever made (right behind the pizza)!  I'm glad it turned out good because I really wasn't sure what I was doing!

What are you having for dinner?  Do you have any vegetarian recipes to share?
Enjoy your evening!
Leah B.


Catching Up

I've not been a good blogger lately.  I have hardly blogged and I haven't been able to read any of my friend's blogs.  I've been super busy with work and training.  So, here is the recap of the last two days to catch you up.

Yesterday before work I ran an easy 4.7 miles with an average 9:07 min/mile.  The weather had cooled off a bit so when I started it was about 2:30 p.m and it was about 80 degrees.  It felt pretty good for the first couple miles but then I really started feeling the heat and my legs started feeling tired from my 9 miler the previous day.

This evening's run was a nice 5.5 miles around my neighborhood.  I kept a 9:00 min/mile.  It was a very relaxing and fun run for me.  My body felt good and I had lots of energy!  When I got home and cooled off, my husband and I made veggie Boca burgers and salads.  I put dijon mustard and pickles on a whole wheat sandwitch round.  The bread was suprisingly soft and very good!  My salad was baby spinach topped with red peppers, cucumbers, broccoli, and balsamic vinaigrette.  Mmm, it was delicious!

Another thing I got to catch up on was chatting with a couple of my good friends over the phone.  I talked to Calee (check out her nutrition blog!) and heard her horrifing dog story during her long run.   Why do people let their vicious dogs run loose?  I get to see her in a little over a week for our half marathon in Louisiana!!!  I'm lucky to have such a great friend who runs!  It's too bad she lives in Tuscaloosa or we could do more of our Disney training together.  I also got to talk to my friend Stephanie who lives in the Birmingham area.  The last time I saw her was in March and I hope we can find a chance to get together this fall! 

I love catching up with good friends!  It's so important to maintain relationships with those you love. 
Leah B.


1st Long Run Done!

Today finished off my first week of official Disney Marathon training.  I must say that it was quite eventful.

#1.  It was pouring.  My shoes, socks, and clothes were completely soaked through and my toes were wrinkled.  It was actually very nice because of how cool it was and I really enjoyed myself! 
#2.  There was a nice guy that pulled over to ask me if I needed a ride.  Yes, it was raining but I'm sure it was obvious that I was on a running mission!  I tried to explain to him that I needed to keep running but he didn't seem to understand.  It was pretty funny!
#3.  I was running around my neighborhood and I heard a dog start barking.  It made my heart jump but then I realized that the dog's owner was holding him.  She obviously saw that it scared me so she smiled and waved.  I waved back and kept on my way.  Well, a couple seconds later I realized that the stupid dog was chasing me!  She let him down!  I started sprinting as fast as I could.  I was having chest pain and I was so mad!  UHH, why would she do that?  It took me at least a couple miles to get over it.

I ran 9 miles with a pace of 9:15 min/mile and it was overall a great run.  I feel great and I'm so excited about training again!  Also, in two weeks I'm running in the GULF COAST HALF in Louisiana and I get to see Calee!! 

I hope you are all having fun with your training!
Leah B.


Ohio Trails

While I was in Ohio, I had the chance to run in some of the most amazing and beautiful parks.  I ran at the Dayton Arboretum a couple days.  My sister went with me the first day.  I'm so proud of her for running 5K through trails and for a PR!  Then the next day my mom went with me and walked while I ran.

These are photos from the arboretum.

Yesterday we went to a nature reserve in Germantown. Those trails kicked my butt! It was absolutely gorgeous. It was so steep at times that I had to walk up and down some hills.  My time was definitely slower than usual.  I tripped a couple times and came very close to falling on my face. I also almost stepped on a snake, yikes!!  I really wish there were more trials around where I live.  I am falling in love with running trails!

I had a wonderful time in Ohio these past few days but I'm glad to be home.  I have the most wonderful family and I'm so blessed!!
Leah B.


Visit to Ohio!!

On Thursday, I surprised my mom and sister and flew up to Ohio for a visit.  A big fib was told to get her to cook dinner for my mom's friend's "coworkers".  My grandma picked me up from the airport and we drove over to see them.    I ran up and knocked on the door and my mom's face was priceless!  They were so shocked and excited! 

I've been having the best time since being here!  I've spent time with my mom, sister, grandparents and friends that are like family.  We've shopped, gone to some awesome restaurants, and spent wonderful time together.  We've had a blast!  I haven't forgotten about running on my trip though.  My mom is a very active person so she loves to go walk while I run.  This is a picture of my mom, grandma, and me at the park. 

Running recap:
Wednesday:  4.1 miles
Thursday (before I left for the airport):  6 miles
Friday (park with mom and grandma): 5 miles
Saturday (trail run with my sister):  4.5 miles

I can't wait to share about Saturday's trail run with my sweet sister!  There will be more on that later.  And more pictures of my trip!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
Leah B.



Hello friends!  I realize I've been MIA lately.  I worked overtime two weeks in a row and the past three nights.  It is so exhausting!  The good news is that I'm now off for a nice stretch.  It's so nice to have a little vacation and I have some fun things planned for this next week that I'll share later :)

Yesterday I went for a 4 mile run after getting off work.  I ran 4.1 miles with a 9:05 min/mile pace.  I was pretty tired but glad I got the change to go!  Then I took a 5 hour nap and got up and spent some time with my husband.  I thought I was ready for bed at 10:00 pm last night and fell right to sleep.  Sadly I woke up a few minutes ago after only sleeping about 3.5 hours.  At least I feel rested!  So, here I am wide awake watching reruns of Scrubs.  It's so realistic ;)

When the sun comes up, I'm going for a run.  I'll probably run 5 or 6.  I really do love running in the mornings and am looking forward to watching the sunrise!  There is something amazing about the early morning and the newness of the day.  I love how God paints us a pretty picture every day!

Enjoy your day,
Leah B.


Last Two Days

My official training for Disney begins September 20 and my first long run is a 9 miler.  I figured I could inch my way up to 9 by doing 7 or 8 miles in the couple weeks leading up.  For my long runs, my time is suppose to be slowed down by a minute (10:04 min/mile) than race pace of 9:04 min/mile for my goal of a sub 4 hour marathon finish.  That feels so slow to me right now!  But, I know I need to slow myself down a bit to sustain all those miles!  So, yesterday evening I did my first longish run of 8 miles.  It was ridiculously hot outside (about 90 degrees) and the sun was beating me down for the first part of the run.  Then I got some relief as the sun set below the trees.  My overall time was 1:15 and my pace was 9:29 min/mile. 

1:  9:25
2:  9:16
3:  9:28
4:  9:25
5:  9:29
6:  9:34
7:  9:30
8:  9:44

As you can see, I'm not improving my time with each mile as I would like to.  I clearly have some work to do!! 

Today I ran 5 miles at the gym with a 8:48 min/mile pace.  I started slow and ended faster, just how I like it.  Then I did some weights and worked my core.  Then, I had to hop in the shower and run errands.  This next week is going to be rough on me but then I get a little time off after that.  I can't wait! 

Time for some cinnamon coffee :) 

Is your cup half full or half empty today?  I'm trying to see the bright side of things right now but I'm slightly stressed.  If I can just make it through this next week I'll be great! 

Bye friends,
Leah B.


New Favorite Salad

I've always liked salads but I got kind of tired of making it the same old way.   So, I changed things up a bit.  I chopped red and green peppers and a half of an avocado.  I spread them out in a pan and sprinkled them with garlic powder, salt, and pepper.  Then I put them in the oven for about 15 minutes just until they brown a little.  On this salad I also added one hard boiled egg white.  I love spinach and it is so good for you!  I put the cooked veggies and egg white over fresh spinach and topped with a little Italian dressing.  It is packed with delicious flavors and nutrients!  Yum! 

I worked the last three nights and after waking up my legs felt sluggish and my body just wanted to stay on the couch.  But, I didn't.  I got myself up and ran 5.1 miles.  I started out slow but soon got in the swing of things.  My average pace was 8:54 min/mile and my time was 45:25.  Did I mention it was hot outside?  Yes, it was!  I was a sweaty mess when I got home but I felt so good.  After a stressful night at work, it was nice to let it all melt away and focus on my run and the music.

Now, I'm hanging out with my hubby, brother, and his roommate watching football and enjoying a nice cup of coffee.  It's feels great to relax!

Happy Labor Day everybody!
Leah B.


3 Things Thurs: gym, family, game

#1.  Today I was forced to go to the gym.  It was mid 90s and I couldn't wait until it cooled off to go outside because there was the OSU game that I had to watch (more on that later).  So, I made the most of my gym time.  I hopped on the treadmill and then realized that my ipod was dead...crap!  I plugged my headphones into the TV and watched the Ellen show which is always hilarious. 

She always gets me laughing while I'm running and I'm sure people look at me like I'm crazy.  Oh well, I don't care!  My 5 miles flew by.  Then I did some legs, arms, and back machines.  It was a pretty good workout overall. 

#2.  I miss my mom and my sister so much!  They moved back to Ohio a little over a month ago and that means they live about 13 hours away.  They seriously are the best and I miss them like crazy!  Hopefully I'll get to take a trip up there soon.
This is my beautiful mom!

And, here is a picture of my adorable little sister and me.  I can't believe she just started her Junior year in highschool!  I hear we look alike :)

#3.  Tonight was the first win for OSU against Marshall.  Go Buckeyes!  As of now we are ranked #2 but will hopefully soon take over #1!  We had a great time watching the game with good food, drinks, and dessert.  My little brother started nursing school this semester.  Yep, he's going to be a RN like his big sis and brother-in-law! 
Joey (my brother's roommate), Jared (brother), me, and Jerry (hubby).

O-H-I-O !!!

I hope you all are enjoying your week.  One more day until the weekend for most of you.  Unless you work a job like me and then you have a crazy and random schedule.

See you soon,
Leah B.


I love sleeping.  Yes, it's true.  I usually make sure that I get at least 8 hours each day but I feel best with 10 hours.  I'm a very energetic person and I like to feel fully rested.  I think runners especially need the extra rest because of how much energy we need for our runs and workouts!  I worked the last couple nights and I try to get myself up early on my first day off so I can function like a normal human.  Well, today I got up after only sleeping about 6 hours.  Blah, I feel crappy!  Anyway, after getting my caffeine fix, I went for a run outside.  It was so hot!  I started out slow and increased my speed for each mile. 
I ran 5.5 miles in 48:25 with average speed of 8:48.  It really was a great run even though I was tired and it was hot and hilly!

1:  9:08
2:  9:00
3:  8:58
4:  8:40
5:  8:30
0.5:  8:15

My husband and I went to eat Thai food for dinner.  I ordered vegetable sushi and summer rolls.  They were delicious!  Then we watched the Backup Plan which is a really corny romantic comedy.  Then he went to bed and I am sitting here awake with nothing to do!  So I did my core workout.  Of course now that it's after midnight I am wired and not tired at all.  Maybe I'll watch another movie and hopefully get sleepy enough to make it in bed by 3 am.  I really do like my job but I'm just tired of not being on the same schedule as Jerry!

Tomorrow night is the first OSU game!  Woohoo I'm pumped!!

Are you excited for fall and football?  Who is your team?
Leah B.