Catching Up

I've not been a good blogger lately.  I have hardly blogged and I haven't been able to read any of my friend's blogs.  I've been super busy with work and training.  So, here is the recap of the last two days to catch you up.

Yesterday before work I ran an easy 4.7 miles with an average 9:07 min/mile.  The weather had cooled off a bit so when I started it was about 2:30 p.m and it was about 80 degrees.  It felt pretty good for the first couple miles but then I really started feeling the heat and my legs started feeling tired from my 9 miler the previous day.

This evening's run was a nice 5.5 miles around my neighborhood.  I kept a 9:00 min/mile.  It was a very relaxing and fun run for me.  My body felt good and I had lots of energy!  When I got home and cooled off, my husband and I made veggie Boca burgers and salads.  I put dijon mustard and pickles on a whole wheat sandwitch round.  The bread was suprisingly soft and very good!  My salad was baby spinach topped with red peppers, cucumbers, broccoli, and balsamic vinaigrette.  Mmm, it was delicious!

Another thing I got to catch up on was chatting with a couple of my good friends over the phone.  I talked to Calee (check out her nutrition blog!) and heard her horrifing dog story during her long run.   Why do people let their vicious dogs run loose?  I get to see her in a little over a week for our half marathon in Louisiana!!!  I'm lucky to have such a great friend who runs!  It's too bad she lives in Tuscaloosa or we could do more of our Disney training together.  I also got to talk to my friend Stephanie who lives in the Birmingham area.  The last time I saw her was in March and I hope we can find a chance to get together this fall! 

I love catching up with good friends!  It's so important to maintain relationships with those you love. 
Leah B.


  1. I'm glad despite how busy you've been, you got a chance to catch up with some good friends!

  2. I'm pretty terrible about keeping in touch with friends who don't live nearby. Definitely need to work on that!

  3. Hasn't the cooler weather been fab for runs? Of course the nice weather hit RIGHT when I started my taper, lol.

  4. THat salad is huge and looks so good!

  5. That food looks wicked awesome.


  6. What a delicious meal! What is a Boca burger exactly?