I love sleeping.  Yes, it's true.  I usually make sure that I get at least 8 hours each day but I feel best with 10 hours.  I'm a very energetic person and I like to feel fully rested.  I think runners especially need the extra rest because of how much energy we need for our runs and workouts!  I worked the last couple nights and I try to get myself up early on my first day off so I can function like a normal human.  Well, today I got up after only sleeping about 6 hours.  Blah, I feel crappy!  Anyway, after getting my caffeine fix, I went for a run outside.  It was so hot!  I started out slow and increased my speed for each mile. 
I ran 5.5 miles in 48:25 with average speed of 8:48.  It really was a great run even though I was tired and it was hot and hilly!

1:  9:08
2:  9:00
3:  8:58
4:  8:40
5:  8:30
0.5:  8:15

My husband and I went to eat Thai food for dinner.  I ordered vegetable sushi and summer rolls.  They were delicious!  Then we watched the Backup Plan which is a really corny romantic comedy.  Then he went to bed and I am sitting here awake with nothing to do!  So I did my core workout.  Of course now that it's after midnight I am wired and not tired at all.  Maybe I'll watch another movie and hopefully get sleepy enough to make it in bed by 3 am.  I really do like my job but I'm just tired of not being on the same schedule as Jerry!

Tomorrow night is the first OSU game!  Woohoo I'm pumped!!

Are you excited for fall and football?  Who is your team?
Leah B.


  1. Great splits on that run!:) Not so bad for being tired. ;)

  2. That was a good run while being tired. I find the fitter I am the less sleep I need. I never sleep more than 6 hours and average about 4.5 per night. I just can’t sleep more. Here in South Africa spring is now starting.

  3. Sleep is the BEST! I just came off a week of little sleep after returning from a different time zone and it was awful.

    I am originally from Ohio, so go Bucks!

  4. I ran the Columbus Marathon last fall so major OSU overload! Enjoy football season!

  5. YAY for sleep. I SUCK AT IT. :(

    Can't wait for football season. I'm a U of A girl - - - I know they suck but......

  6. good times - was the hilly part up front? your times improved as you went on.

    Did you plan the negative splits?

  7. Andrew, My whole run was hilly. I did plan to increase my speed with each mile!

  8. 10 hours???? I'd have bed sores. I'm starting to take afternoon naps when possible. Love me some professional football......... Here in U of Meecheegan country college football is not as much fun.

  9. Hi Leah! Do you run on NOLA often? Some of the big races? We have a really fun half coming up, the Jazz half. It's on Halloween and it's pretty cheap registration, too.

  10. Great splits on that run... I just found your blog and look forward to reading more. My neice is in love with the buckeye candy, it always reminds me of OSU!