Ohio Trails

While I was in Ohio, I had the chance to run in some of the most amazing and beautiful parks.  I ran at the Dayton Arboretum a couple days.  My sister went with me the first day.  I'm so proud of her for running 5K through trails and for a PR!  Then the next day my mom went with me and walked while I ran.

These are photos from the arboretum.

Yesterday we went to a nature reserve in Germantown. Those trails kicked my butt! It was absolutely gorgeous. It was so steep at times that I had to walk up and down some hills.  My time was definitely slower than usual.  I tripped a couple times and came very close to falling on my face. I also almost stepped on a snake, yikes!!  I really wish there were more trials around where I live.  I am falling in love with running trails!

I had a wonderful time in Ohio these past few days but I'm glad to be home.  I have the most wonderful family and I'm so blessed!!
Leah B.


  1. beautiful places - so great to see a grateful person, thanks Leah you made my day!

  2. The arboretum looks like an awesome place to run! Very cute little bridge!

  3. Oh boy, the snake thing would of freaked me out! I am terrified of snakes:( Beautiful pictures of the run!

  4. Wow, absolutely beautiful. I'm glad you're enjoying the trails (except for the snake scare!) but I'm sorry you don't have more trail running options back home.

  5. Good to hear you enjoyed the trails. They can be tough but bring something special to running. I run on trails and road and love the variation.

  6. Wow! I wish I had trails like that here, too!