good day

Yesterday, Calee and I tackled some hills in the heat. It was tough but we did about 5 miles. For dinner we all went over to my parent's house and cooked Asian food. I have to say it turned out delicious! The best part was the peanut sauce Jerry made. It wasn't exactly healthy but we did have an assortment of veggies to go along with the food.
I got an email about local races coming up and guess what...there are a couple on my birthday (June 12)! Calee and I decided we are going to sign up for the Hot Trot 5K. I've done 10K, 1/2, and full marathon before but I've actually never done a 5K before. I'm definately interested in how I would do at this distance. I can't wait!
Today, I've been pretty productive already. I went to the gym to run and workout. (It's been storming on and off all day.) I got a good 6 mile run in plus working abs, arms, and legs. Post run food was a banana and soy milk. I also cleaned the house up a bit and it feels nice and fresh! I think I'll read for a while and relax. Coffee sounds good!
Just heard my brother just made it to Thailand. I'm going to miss him so much these next 2 months. Please keep him in your prayers!
218 days until Disney :)
Run happy,
Leah B.

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  1. GUESS WHAT! Michael asked off work for an entire weekend so we can come visit.
    I'm not really sure when he asked off but Im REALLY excited!!