I had such a fun time this weekend! Allison's wedding festivities were so fun and everything was beautiful! Now they are in the Bahamas...wish I was there...
Calee and I drove back to Daphne today and the weather was awful. Rain, rain, rain! My little brother is leaving in the morning for Thailand for 2 months for a mission trip so we went to see him on our way back. I'm so proud of him but I'll miss him so much! Keep him in your prayers.
We pretty much made up our minds that we weren't going running today because of the weather and we were exhausted. But then, the rain stopped and it was perfect 72 degrees. Our running shoes were calling for us so we decided we had to go. The highlight of our run was when we took a new route and went down by a boardwalk on the bay. Guess what was right under us....a gator! It was a baby one but it was still neat to see was so close up. It's great having a running buddy for the next month!
See you soon...run hard!
Leah B.

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  1. yay for you having Calee as a Running Buddy!
    Tell her I said Hi!

    and me and Mr. Michael may be seeing you sooner than expected:)