hills, hills, hills!!!

I had a great run this evening around my neighborhood filled with wonderfully difficult hills. I am lucky and cursed with very hilly roads where I live. I ran 6.5 miles today in 82 degree heat. It was a great break from the gym! I have been doing way too many runs inside. Today marks the beginning of a stretch off of work and a night shift schedule and I'm thrilled! It is so wonderful to get to run outside in the morning time! It just smells, looks, and feels different, you know?

I'm a bridesmaid in a friend from high school's wedding in Tuscaloosa on Saturday. It's so hard to believe so many of my friends are already married! My hubby and I have already been married 2 years this month. Crazy and amazing! I'm staying with my best friend, Calee this weekend. She and I recently signed up for Disney World Full marathon 2011! Maybe we can get a couple runs in while I'm up there visiting. It's a good change to have a running buddy!

Unfortunately I have mounds of laundry to work on and I'm getting a little hungry. Hard boiled eggs? Yes, please!

Until next time,
Leah B.

224 days until Disney World Full Marathon!

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