I have decided...

I'm going to start blogging again. Well, to say "again" is not quite right because I only wrote a couple entries before I stopped last fall. But, with new inspiration from my future sister-in-law, Brianna, I have decided to dedicate this blog to the many loves of my life. One of which is running. Running has become a major part of my life that I love and need!

To start from the beginning....
I started running track in high school. I did it for fun. I actually got to go to state my senior year for my division and placed 3rd in pole vault. Then, in college, I kept up running to stay healthy and in shape. My very first running partner is one of my best friends even today, Jessica. She was always positive and encouraging and super fun to run with!

So, here I am post college. I had started my new job about a year and a half ago as a RN and met my friend Alicia. We got into some great running conversations and I was so impressed that she had done so many long distance runs. She talked me into going to an interest meeting for Team in Training which is a team that trains people to run marathons/triathlons while raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma society. I never would've thought I could run a marathon. 26.2 miles...what!? But by the end of that meeting I signed up for a full marathon!!! I ended up completing the Marine Corps Marathon last October in Washington, DC. All I can say is it was the most amazing experience! Thanks Alicia and TNT for the motivation and encouragement!

Since then, I've done a few half marathons and I'm loving it! I've signed up for
Disney World Full Marathon 2011 in January with Calee! Jerry graduates in December so we are making a week long vacation out of it. 226 days to go.

Until next time (and there will be one),

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  1. I am so happy right now!
    This was really fun to read too:) keep keep keep it up
    loveloveloveeee youuuuu dearly!