Today, I woke up about noon. I'm almost on a normal schedule and I'm super happy about that. I got ready to run and decided today had to be a gym day. It was about 90 degrees! I ended up on the treadmill but still had a good 5.5 mile run. My run consisted of increasing my speed during each mile and sprinting the last mile. I love speed training! It builds endurance and keeps inside runs fun! Then, I did a few of the arms, legs, and back weight machines. (I have puny arms!) So, I would say that I had a good workout today.
Then I went grocery shopping, cooked dinner, cleaned, and packed for the weekend. I'm absolutely exhausted and ready for bed!
Have fun running friends!
Leah B.

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  1. Leah!!
    My how I envy your running abilities.
    thats so great
    and I love your commitment to blogging!
    it makes me HAPPY!!
    Hope the wedding is fantastic