New Under Armor

Yesterday afternoon I took a trip to Dick's to look around.  I wasn't really looking to buy anything but then I stumbled across the clearance rack.  I found a lime green and a blue Under Armor shirts for $9 and $10!  I was so excited to find such a great deal.  I also bought some GU chomps and sports beans.

Now, I'm ready for my official training for Disney to begin!  I start the second week in August.  Yep, right around the corner AH!  I'm slightly nervous to start training because I really want a PR.  But, I'm more excited than nervous.  I still need a Garmin!  It'll help me with my pace and allow me to go different routes and know exactly how far I've gone without having to map them out.  I really think I'm going to get one this month. 
Anyway, today was an off day for me.  I slept in and it's been raining on and off all day.  I plan on getting a run in tomorrow morning.  We are staying at my in-laws one more night before our little adventure in Nashville.  Tonight we are having a cook out and having family over.  I will be eating my Morning Star veggie garden burgers of course!
Have a good evening and enjoy your dinner!
Leah B.


  1. OK-these tops are awesome!! What a steal of a deal!

  2. Cute tops! Good luck with your training. The Garmin will really help!!

  3. UGH! DEAL!!!!! Fabulous! High FIVE! I LOVE DEALS!
    Forerunner 110 I tell ya! :)

  4. That's a great deal...love it when that happens!

  5. WOW!!! Good deal on the shirts...I should take a trip to Dick's

  6. Love the shirts.
    and I HATE I am missing the cook out.
    I've always wanted to try those garden burgers, but haven't yet!

    I should:)
    wish I could be there.
    Oh, and I ran some today.
    Well, sorta.....
    I kicked the Soccer ball with my brother, and we ran around the house for like an hour.
    I thought that was a good start!

  7. Wow - I didn't think anything from Under Armour was legally allowed to be under $20. Nice piece of bargain hunting - and nice looking running threads.

  8. What a great deal!! Those shirts look really cute!

  9. have you had the morning star veggie sausage patties?


    now the under armor? Ive never even tried it on (too cheap :)) now.Im.curious.


  10. Nothing like some new clothes or gear to boost the motivation. Take care!

  11. Seriously I have bought way too many new running clothes lately because I keep finding deals!

    Good luck with Disney, I'm hoping I can come up from Miami to cheer on so many of you that are running!

  12. Hi Leah,
    I wish that I could find deals like this! Way to score on some very cool new shirts!

    Wow, I have to hand it to you for working as an ER nurse. I used to work in a huge hospital in Minneapolis and those ER nurses worked their butts off:) Respect is what I have for nurses....especially ones who work in the ER!

  13. Thanks guys! Julie, actually I work in a medical ICU. But I would like to work ER in the future!

  14. Great deal for sure! ...you're going to love your Garmin (when you get it :))

  15. The ICU is just as challenging! Good luck to you with your goal of working in the ER:)