This spring/summer I have been increasing my weekly mileage and I was so happy about it.  I have been running an average of 30-32 miles a week.  However, I haven't been for a run in a week and a half and it's killing me!  I have had something wrong with my lower right leg for a while now and it just got to where I couldn't take it anymore.  I don't know if it's just inflammation or what but it has been bothering me now for a while.  I figured that if I actually let it rest and heal all the way then I would set myself up better for training for the Disney Marathon.  So, I am resting.  Actually, I am getting on the elliptical because I don't really know how to not do anything!  Let me tell you something.  I hate the elliptical.

What have I been up to?  Well, I'll tell you.  I've been hanging out with some wonderful friends and my family.  I've also been reading a lot.  Right now I'm reading...

and so far it has been amazing!

Last night Jerry and I got together with our good friends Justin and Meredith for delicious dessert and drinks.  They were in town to help move Meredith's sister and her husband in to their new house in Mobile.  I hope they like it here and I hope we can get together with them again soon!  Meredith is also a runner and I am trying to talk her into doing Disney with us.  She did the Country Music Marathon in Nashville this past spring (which was her first full) but due to the weather conditions they stopped the run when she was 21 miles in.  How crazy is that?  I know she was very disappointed.  I definitely miss Meredith but Jerry and I will be traveling on a little summer vacation to north Alabama and Tennessee at the end of this month and get to see a ton of our college friends and his family!  We can't wait!

I'm off to the gym.  Until next time,
Leah B.


  1. oh myyyy I want this book SO bad!!!
    So I should get it?? I've been kinda iffy about it:)
    So I'm taking your word for it!

  2. I'm not very far into it but I'll let you know. I've really liked it so far. It's basically about this woman's life experiences and what she goes through to better herself and her relationships and how she finds God. I will let you read mine when I see you so you don't have to buy it!!