3 Things Thursday

1.  Yesterday I got to spend the whole day with my little brother, Jared.  He is such a kind and good hearted person and I'm so proud of him!  He's in nursing school right now (to be like his big sister) and he needed a little coffee break so I treated him to Starbucks.

Then my brother, husband, and I went to eat Thai food.  My brother spent the whole summer in Thailand so he was super excited about trying the food to see if it tasted authentic.  He said it did.  I ended up having veggie sushi rolls (surprise!) and they were delicious as always. 

Look!  A dragonfly carrot!

2.  Today's run was an easy 4 miler.  I mentally prepared myself to take it slow and easy and to really enjoy it.  I was chugging along and having a great time until my Garmin died at around 2.5 miles!  This was slightly frustrating but I kept on going and tried to keep a steady pace.  I would guess I ran around 4.5 miles based on my usual time and distance.  Oh well, I don't have to be dependent on that watch! 

Tomorrow I'm running 13 miles and the last 5 will be with the Phatties.  Yay, it's so fun to run with these peppy ladies!

3.  Today is a very special day because it is Calee's 23rd birthday!  This lovely lady means so much to me and I'm blessed to have her as such a close friend.  She's my long distance Disney training buddy.  I can't wait for this marathon!!  This is her 1st full and I know she'll do awesome!

I hope you all are having a wonderful Thursday!
Leah B.


  1. Aw, what an awesome week. I'm so glad your brother was able to find some authentic Thai food to eat. ::smiles::

  2. It's so difficult to run without the watch. I depend on it too much!