7 miles of HILLS!

Today my training calendar had me scheduled for 7 miles of hills.  By the time I got up and ready to go, it was already 11:30 am.  Hmm, how's this going to feel?  So, I headed out my front door and ran toward the hilliest part of my neighborhood.  Luckily, I was in the shade for most of the run!  It wasn't an easy run but my legs felt fresh and I felt great!  I ran 7.2 miles with an average 8:46 min/mile.  I was pretty happy with my pace.

Post run I had an apple and a cup of plain Greek yogurt with cinnamon and lots of water!  Then I got cleaned up and ran some errands.  By the time I got back I was ready for an early dinner.  I made these...

Banana pancakes!  I topped my wheat pancakes with a small banana and a little maple syrup.  These are delicious and healthy!  It is one of my favorite meals.  I love breakfast for dinner! 

This weekend's long run is a 13 miler.  I've actually been excited about my long runs these last few weeks!  I would have to say my Disney training is going quite well and I'm right on track.  I can't wait for this marathon!

How is your training going? 
Leah B.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    Those pancakes look yummy!

  2. Wow, 7 miles of hills? You go, girl!

  3. My training is going....sporadically! Because I can't decide what I'm training for!

  4. That is a smokin' fast time for a hill run! Way to go!!!

    My training has been kiiiiicking ass lately, but I'm too afraid of jinxing myself! Now that I live in SF, I've been doing ALL hill training the past two weeks (and the next two weeks) in preparation for the U.S. Half Marathon... I really feel like I could set a PR (despite the hills!) but don't want to actually put that in writing.

    Okay, I think I just did. :)

    Great run out there, Leah!

  5. 7 miles of hills at 8:46 pace? You're speedy, sista! ;)

  6. Those pancakes look great! I'll have to try them sometime. My training is going great!! I can't believe how far I've come. I had a hard time running 3 miles without walking, now I'm running 6.5!!

  7. wow 11:30 i would have crumpled, but it's wicked hot here at that point. I love hill work! i need to toss some back in to replace one of my speed days

  8. Way to kill the hills! And pancakes sound so yummy for dinner!

  9. those pancakes look AMAZING!!

  10. Good work on the hills. And breakfast for dinner rocks.