Long Run: 13 miles

When my alarm went off this morning I knew I was not ready to get out of my cozy bed.  I didn't sleep well at all.  So, I groaned a little and made some coffee.  I ate my usual oats and had coffee and water.  I soon woke up and got myself mentally prepared for today's 13 miles.  I headed out to get some mileage in before the Phatties all met up.  I ran 5.5 miles by myself and then the rest of the 7.5 with Lisa, a really nice lady that I met today.  My average pace was 9:23 min/mile and total time of 2:01:56.

Here's the breakdown...
1:  9:20
2:  8:59
3:  8:59
4:  8:58
5:  9:27
6:  9:37
7:  9:17
8:  9:41
9:  9:16
10:  9:26
11:  9:34
12:  9:26
13:  9:40

As you can see, I slowed down a little after the first 4 miles.  It may be because I went out a little too fast, ditched the ipod to be social, there were more hills after 5 miles, or that I was talking the entire time.  Regardless, it was a great run and I really enjoyed running with Lisa!

When I got home I was a good girl and I stretched and took a 10 minute ice bath.  Gah, I hate them!  Actually sitting down is by far the worse part.  I brought my Runner's World magazine in and read during the torture.  After I warmed up, I fixed a peanut butter and banana sandwich with a glass of soy milk.  I then climbed back in bed for a nice 3 hour nap!

I was at Barns and Noble yesterday and looked through this cookbook...

and I want it so badly!  It looks so great for everyday cooking.  I definitely need some new recipe ideas!  So, feel free to buy it for me.  :)

Happy Friday friends,
Leah B.


  1. It's always hard for me to not go out too fast. Way to go on a great 13 miler!

  2. Nice job on getting the 13 miler done.

  3. Yeay! Congratulations on getting in your 13 miler!

  4. Hey, great job on the 13-er! That's a great pace and don't worry about the tiny bit slower last few miles - that happens!

  5. Great running time!! I just had my 1st PB& banana sandwich this weekend, it was so good!!

  6. Hey!! Thanks for stopping by:) I am now following you too!

    What a great run you had girl. I am dying with the ice pack on my ankle, I WOULD D I E if I sat in ice...IDE I tell ya!!

    2 more weeks and I can try to run again, yay, blah!

  7. Woo hoo!! That is an awesome 13 miler....you had a great time:) Many people would kill for that time when doing a half marathon! Nice job on the training run!

  8. Ice baths are one of those things you love to hate. I hate the way they feel when you are getting in, but love the way they make me feel later. I can definitely tell the difference when I am not using them.

  9. That book looks like a good one! I'm a vegetarian and pretty much keep eating the same things over and over and over because I just don't know what else to make.

    I'm scared of ice baths. I feel like they'd be helpful, but I think I'm too much of a weenie to get in!

    Way to go on that incredibly awesome run!