12 Miles in Nashville

Twelve miles was on the schedule for today so I set my alarm for early this morning. The weather had a different idea. 100% chance for storms for hours. I was begging the weather, "Please don't make me run on the dreadmill. Please?!".

I went back to bed and got up later, had coffee, and waffles with maple almond butter (yummmm), and headed out the door while there was a break in the rain. 

The temperature at the park wasn't too hot but it was insanely humid! I took my time and started trudging forward. Luckily, I filled up my water bottle with some delicious, fizzy Nuun to keep me hydrated with electrolytes. 

I started out very sore because I had done speed work a couple days ago and ran yesterday as well. I probably should've taken a rest break! A couple miles in, I loosened up a bit. I finally finished my 12 miles and I was absolutely drenched! I was just happy to be done and I felt decent. 

It wasn't my fastest time but I can tell you one thing... I worked hard!! 

Did you guys do a long run this weekend? 

Leah B. 

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  1. awesome run Leah!! excited about your blog!! i love it!! :) didn't get a long run in this weekend. went for a short run and then a hike with the in-laws!! can't wait to see u soon!!