RC Cola & Moon Pie 10 Mile Race

I was searching for local races in the Nashville area and found one put on by Nashville Striders called the RC Cola & Moon Pie Festival 10 Mile Race.  The race was June 15 and that meant I only had 2 weeks to train.  My mileage was already up.  About 3 weeks prior to the race I ran a 12 miler and I ran 10 miles twice before the race.  The race is described as very hilly and usually very hot.  I knew I would finish the race but I didn't know what kind of pace I could keep because of the hot, southern heat and all those hills!  Luckily, since moving to Nashville, I have tried to acclimate to the heat and my usual running route is pretty hilly.
The race was in historic Bell Buckle, TN.  It's such a cute, old, little town.

I got up at 4:00 a.m. before the race.  I had coffee, ate breakfast, and was out the door by 5:00.  I was in Bell Buckle in an hour and the race started at 7:00 a.m. 
The temperature was high 60's at the start but it warmed up fast.  The route was, like described, very hilly!  Here's the breakdown...
Mile 1:  7:34
Mile 2:  7:37
Mile 3:  7:53
Mile 4:  7:47
Mile 5:  8:26  <--this big="" font="" had="" hill.="" mile="" the="">
Mile 6:  7:30
Mile 7:  7:28
Mile 8:  7:45
Mile 9:  7:48
Mile 10:  7:31
0.05:  7:31
Results by age group (I was 4th in my age group):  Results

As you can see, my average pace was 7:44 min/mile.  I wish I hadn't had that one slower 8:26 min/mile!  My pace would've been much better.  Oh well, I'm still happy with it! 

Did they have RC Cola and Moon Pies for the runners afterwards?  Yes.  Did I eat any?  No way!  I did, however,  have a popsicle, some orange juice, lots of water, and a protein shake.  It was a great race and I had fun!

Happy Running my friends!

Leah B.


  1. On a hot race day, a popsicle would be great! After hot training runs, I like to eat frozen fruit/yogurt bars. Congrats on a fast finish!