Friday Night

It's the weekend!!!!!!!
Yesterday after working three nights, I got up and had my two cups of coffee and oatmeal with cranberries and went for a run.  It was raining and a bit and cooler than usual.  I put on a hat and ran in the rain.  It was wonderful!  My pace was 8:53 min/mile.  I only ran 4.5 miles because my husband and I had dinner plans with my brother.  It was a nice, easy, relaxing run and I very much enjoyed it! 

After dinner, we went over to our friends' house Leah and Patrick O. (the ones with the bull terriors!) and hung out with our friends there.  No matter what we do we always have fun with them!  Paul made us all dessert.  I don't know what it was called but it was good!  It was a combination of layers of crumbled pound caked drenched in coffee liqueur, vanilla pudding, whipped creme, and chocolate chips.
I have come to the realization that I have a pretty strong sweet tooth!!

On a side note, here is my little bruise 1 week later...

Pretty impressive huh??

Anyway, I'm going to sneak a run in this afternoon and then my hubby and I are going to a fundraiser tonight for Team in Training.  YAY I get to see all my old Team friends!  It should be so fun!  I'll post about it later.
What are you guys doing this weekend?  How many miles are you doing for your long run?
I hope you have having a great weekend!
Leah B.


  1. I love running in the rain. Sweet tooth...I'm a serious one, but we runners need sugar don't we?

  2. If you guys ever do name that thing...let me know what you come up with.

  3. Ok, I love your blog! And we may still have some of that dessert left in the fridge if you want to stop by on a run and grab a bite.

  4. "Only" 4.5?? Heck right now I jump up and down if I can make it to 4!
    Yummy looking dessert!

  5. That dessert looks DELICIOUS
    Hope everything great
    Miss you BUNCHES!