Overcast & Unplugged

This afternoon I got up and got ready for a run around my neighborhood.  I ate my usual oatmeal and coffee for pre-run/breakfast.  I mashed up fresh blueberries which is my favorite!

After I watched some Oprah and lounged a bit I got ready for my run.  I've been wearing these headbands to keep my baby fine hair out of my eyes.  I really like them because they are grippy without being too tight.  However, they don't hold sweat back.  


Do you ladies wear sweat wicking headbands? Which kind??

It was overcast and thunderstorms were threatening to keep me indoors but I decided to go anyway.  I didn't even notice the weather until I walked outside but I figured a little rain would probably feel nice!  Unfortunately, it never actually rained but it was quite cooler than usual.  I didn't run with my watch or ipod.  Just me, my shoes, and the road.  I ran for about 50 mins.  The quiet was actually a really nice change!  Do you like running without music every now and then?

See you soon!
Leah B. 


  1. I swear by Bondi Bands. I tried tons of headbands and they all popped off my head when I was kickboxing. One minute they would be on my head, the next minute it would be sitting on the ground behind me.

    When I finally tried a Bondi Band, I couldn't believe I'd waited so long to try one. They have literally changed my life - before, I couldn't cut my hair too short because there was no way to tie it back. Now, I can cut my hair any length I feel like because I know I can just stick a Bondi Band on my head and all my hair will be out of my face. I'm one of those people who can't stand wisps of hair in their face.

  2. Bondi Bands or Sweaty Bands work very well...


    I've been eating mine like crazy.
    They are just so soooo delicious
    and REALLY you need to get some cereal and milk and try the frozen blueberries....hahaaha


  4. I keep reading great things about Sweaty Bands but haven't been able to break down and buy one (they seem pricey to me!). Running without a watch or music can be refreshing. I do the same thing, if it looks like it's going to rain or is raining, I leave them at home. I can't do it all the time, but nice for a change!

  5. I never run with music, too much to enjoy out there...

  6. I need my watch and my mp3. I feel naked without.

  7. That breakfast looks like heaven in a bowl. yum

  8. Bondi Bands all the way, they're cheap and cute and they work amazingly well.