Sweaty Four

It rained, drizzled, and stormed on and off all day.  That's normal and expected for the Gulf Coast.  Lucky for me, the temperature dropped to about 80.  I thought to myself that this would be a fantastic opportunity to run outside.  What I didn't realize was how humid it was after the rain stopped!  Even though it was only 80 degrees, there was 80% humidity.  The air was so thick and hard to breath!  I ran four miles on a different course.  I love that I can run wherever I want and still know my exact mileage.  My Garmin is so much fun!  I also love that I can break down every detail and it automatically uploads it all to my computer.  It shows distance, time, average pace, average speed, max speed, calories, and ascent.  It also shows a map and graft of my run.

My overall pace was 8:36 min/mile.
1:  8:46
2:  8:42
3:  8:50
4:  8:06
Total ascent: 498 feet.  I knew my route was hilly!

By the time I got home I guzzled water and plopped down in the floor and stretched.  Sweaty doesn't quite cover how drenched I was.  Sweat was dripping off my hair, ears, chin, and nose.  Ew, gross.
This photo doesn't do it justice...

The heat, humidity, and hills better pay off!  I've been both mentally and physically preparing myself for training for Disney Marathon.  I've been working harder than ever.  I'm picking up my pace and crosstraining with core/strength workouts.  I know my training plan is going to be rough.  I start September 20.  It will be a lot tougher with a lot more miles each week.  But, I'm really excited about it! 

I will reach my goal, I will be fit, and I will have fun!

Bye friends,
Leah B.


  1. I love my Garmin also. Good running! It looks like you are already heading in the right direction to meet your goal.

  2. Gotta love the Garmin!!! You're rocking the training :)

  3. yup...those are good splits. keep it up homie.

  4. Man the humidity, I live just off Lake Ontario in Toronto Canada, and our humidity is deadly. Trying to run on the days when the government has issued "Air Quality Advisories" is like trying to run in a Sauna. Even your sweat has sweat. It does however make you feel like you've accomplished something big though! Well done!

  5. I want a Garmin!
    Geez it just sounds like such a Fantastic little thing.

    Umm I must tell you, that Jerry posted something about you cooking Pizza one night this week.
    It sounded delicious, sooo next time mike and I pay you two a visit, we must make one!

    You are going to do amazing during your training. You have some serious determination!

  6. Your mind and heart is certainly ready for this so you will be awesome. Not forgetting to have fun is so important.

  7. You have a great attitude! Great splits in the sauna! Don't you just love the Garmin!

  8. I love love love LOVE my Garmin! I just love all the charts and maps... PS - you do not look sweaty and gross at all, lol.

  9. Congratulations on an awesome run!

    And I also wanted to say that you look really pretty post-run!

  10. awesome ... sweat is cool especially when you figure it takes about 4 minutes to roll down from your scalp, then arm then off your little pinky ... and then everything you touch is slimy with finger prints on it ... yuck ... who started this topic?

  11. Have a nice training for your Disney Marathon!

  12. Good luck with the Disney training, I am sure you will do great!! The humidity has been crazy - I have been dripping with sweat after pretty much every run!