Lazy Sunday

Today has been a nice, relaxing day so far.  I've really needed a lazy day!  I woke up and drank two cups of coffee and lounged on the couch.  Then I gave my self a pedicure and painted my toes neon pink.  I figured it'll be the last time I can get away with bright pink before summer is over.  I love bright colors..especially pink!  Then, I went out to the pool for a couple hours and soaked up the sun annd read some.  It was so hot that it was almost intolerable!  It rained yesterday so the water actually was nice and cool. 
I can't believe I'm actually putting a photo of my toes on here.  I've always been embarrassed!  Oh well.  It's hard to see how neon this color really is but the water color is pretty!

My stomach started rumbling so I went inside and made a spinach salad with feta and pecans.  I added raspberry vinaigrette dressing.  I also had a nectarine...mmm so juicy and good!

Tonight I plan on doing a Pilate's abs workout.  I think my legs need a break even if that's just for one night.  Every time I tell myself that, I still end up going for an easy run.  And then that "easy" run turns faster and I end up pushing myself too hard so it isn't a break at all.  So, I need to let myself rest!  That's okay, right?  I know my runner friends deal with the same feelings too.  It is okay to rest.  I just have to keep telling myself that!
I hope you all are enjoying your Sunday afternoon!
Leah B.


  1. It's definitely a good thing to rest, but I understand your feelings on getting antsy too!

  2. You can also try telling yourself that rest makes you stronger! ('cause it totally does :) ) Sounds like a fabulous day to me.

  3. Love the pink nails :) Sigh... hard to believe that neon pink nail season will be coming to an end soon!

  4. Love the shot of your polished toes.

    Hope you enjoy your pilates workout!

  5. Yep, rest is best! It is difficult sometimes but you feel the benefit. I agree with TS, rest is when you get stronger.

  6. Bah!! You can get away with pink year round. But, what do I know :)

    I totally took a rest day yesterday too. Sweet glorious rest day.

  7. leah, I think you should do the fun post too!
    Its' SO much fun
    I miss you...yes still!!