Meet Jared

My brother, Jared has spent the last two months in Thailand for a mission trip. Since he's been back we have both been traveling out of town. I went to visit my in-laws and friends in Tennessee. Jared went to Ohio and Michigan. Finally, we are both back in town and I have my workout and fitness buddy back! Jared has always had a passion for being healthy and fit. He enjoys running short distances but he mainly loves lifting weights. I think I've sparked his interest in running a little bit more and increasing distance. I'm trying to talk him into doing the Kaiser Coastal Half Marathon at Orange Beach in November. I know he'd do great and I'd absolutely love for him to do a race with me!!
This morning Jared and I met at the gym to do some weights and some speed training on the treadmill. I ran 6 miles in 50 minutes. Instead of intervals, I increased my speed throughout my entire run. I like doing this sometimes because it increases endurance while switching up my normal routine.
After the gym, we got cleaned up and headed to the Gulf Shores for the afternoon. Weather.com says, "Dangerous heat index. Outdoor exposure should be limited."  The high was only 96 but felt like 107 degrees.  So, we decided it'd be a great beach day!

And it was a beautiful day!  The water felt and looked so nice!  There was no oil to be seen.  Just clear, blue sky and water.

When we got home we were pretty hungry and Jerry just got home from class so we made a huge breakfast for dinner.  We made scrambled eggs with red and green pepper, tomato, and a little cheese.  We also made wheat pancakes with blueberry maple syrup (my favorite!) and biscuits and gravy.  Just getting a little of everything filled up my plate!  Breakfast food is the best!
Tonight, I'm going to do some sort of abs workout.  I have a couple abs workout DVDs that my mom gave me that I want to try out.  I need a strong core and I'm committing to working hard for those abs! 
Keep working and training hard friends,
Leah B.


  1. I'm so glad you got to spend time with your brother, Jared, finally. Sounds like you guys had an awesome, active day together!

  2. Now a good Ab workout is something that I CAN do.
    Tell Jared I said Hi!
    Looks like you two had a really fun day:)
    Miss you woman....
    and Yes we are friends, but even more important FAMILY


    I highly recommend the P90X ab ripper X and the Core Synergistics. The core workout is really a full body workout, but the moves all engage the core. Super workout.

  4. That's cool that your brother is your workout buddy...I'm sure you are glad he is back!

  5. A great day of workouts and fun. Breakfast meals are my favorite!

  6. THe best looking bro/sis team - EVER!

  7. What a beautiful photo! You both look great!

  8. Nice! It would be a blast to workout with my brother. No dice though :)

    Increasing the speed throughout the entire workout = tempo run. That is, as long as the speed is around 10K speed :)